Programma ideato da Televisione Pirata interamente dedicato alla musica elettronica. Incubatore di sonorità contemporanee senza limiti definiti. Live performance e Dj set rigorosamente con l’uso del vinile.

the modular synthesizer is the star of the show…

Joao Ceser live

Episode #020

Televisione Pirata x Sonntag Morgen. x UnderStudio

Tracy dj set

Episode #019

Televisione Pirata xSonntag Morgen. x UnderStudio

MTD dj set

Episode #017

Tutte le strade portano a Roma, e noi ci siamo andati per incontrare i Phormula 4 in studio, nel bel mezzo di una Jam session. Siamo piombati lì per assistere al varo di questo nuovo progetto che presto prenderà il largo verso nuovi orizzonti.  Acid, Techno e Detroit in un live quasi totalmente analogico, sono D-Leria, NAT, Paolo Monti e BAC.

Episode #017

Luciano Lamanna is an authentic maverick, or better said, a free beater. His core values can be summarised in a handfull of key words: experimentation, analogical instruments, vinyl and Musick above all. From South to North, with a constant desire to have fun and grasp the right occasions, his career has become distinct due to its unconformity with the established norms…



Episode #16

Mattia Trani is regarded as one of the most talented and interesting young artists of the italian techno scene of these recent years.
Following in his father’s footsteps, he cultivated his passion for music since childhood finding his own musical roots in the piano study and later in both the world of DJing and in the music production.
The continuous and obsessed music research and the discovery of analog instruments such as drum machines, samplers and synthesizers keyboard lead him over the years to outline a real style that moves between Detroit-Techno latitudes and Future Jazz longitudes.


Episode #15

F-ring is a new duo project of Milan’s based producers Fana and Bhonz. 90’s electro and Detroit techno taste come together with ambient and sounds from the outer space….

Episode #14

In 2012 Mattia Trani founded his own vinyl label “Pushmaster Discs” that has lead him to a debut that will allow him to work with international artists such as Juan Atkins, Dj Hyperactive, Ilario Alicante, Rolando, Dj Stingray, Skudge, Orlando Voorn, Santiago Salazar and many others…

Episode #13

his DJ set will not only provide something to dance to, but also stimulate you intellectually..

Episode #10

During his DJ sets, he loves mixing House and Techno in a unique way, layering different grooves and adding many a-capellas and tools on top…

Episode #008

They performs live with analog synths, drum machines and computers..

Episode #012

an Italian electronic duo founded in 2007 by Luciano Ermondi and Paolo Mazzacani…

Episode #009

dark and hypnotic sounds..

Episode #005

the dark side of Underground Techno

Episode #007

Dj and Producer on the Hardtechno scene..

Episode #006

he preferes electonica with a funky flavour..

Episode #011

he preferes electonica with a funky flavour..

Episode #004

he preferes electonica with a funky flavour..

Episode #003

he preferes electonica with a funky flavour..

Episode #002

he preferes electonica with a funky flavour..

Episode #001