life samplers: Stanislav Tolkachev

“Nowadays we are lucky enough to be a witness to the birth of the history of techno music in Ukraine. Those who seems ready to attend this process, will be able to gain a niche for being part of this scene in the future “: Stanislav Tolkachev said that, and we add that he has all the rights to be part of the scene mentioned.

Is 2006 when various labels notice and engage him, and then begin the important collaborations such as those with M_rec, Modularz and Geopghone. Until 2010, many of his songs are released digitally, is the case of Optimizm (2006), Fifty (2009), even the whole album ReMine (2009). It ‘just the label Modularz that in 2012 decided to place his trace “Building Peaks” as the second  track on the B side of the 12 “Modularz 8.2

In 2013, after 8 years of career, label M_Rec that rewards Stanislav Tolkachev with solo EP Depth Of Light.

Semantica Records allows us to admire the most of all his progress through the release of “Simple as a Miracle” (2013), “Right Angle” (2014) and “Walk Along the Bottom” (2015).

In November 2016 the label MORD releases  a triple vinyl entitled “When you are not at home“, which marks another important step in his starry career, and appears more physical and tangible, since it is fixed not only on digital media. This is the first vinyl album for Stanislav Tolkachev, and it  will contain 16 tracks. While the digital version is enriched with a set  of three bonus tracks, and it is entitled “No matter they’ve told you”.


Tolkachev takes us into one new interpretative trip, combining the classic with modernity, drawing us into a world that draws places that we do not know with feelings that we thought we had forgotten. A panorama completely new, which we invite you to admire through the rays of an artificial sun as suggested by his song “In The Rays Of The Artificial Sun”.

Sara Adragna

Televisione Pirata